Games of the Alien(s) franchise part 1: The bad, the canceled, and the weirdly cool

In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge fan of the Alien(s) franchise. HR Giger’s creature design ruled my nightmares as a young child that was accidentally exposed to images of from Alien. As I grew up watching horror films, no other monster, visually, ticked the primal fears lodged deep in my brain in the same way that this phallic-with-fangs space bug did.

So predictably, I am excited to check out Alien: Isolation. As everyone chatters about the concept of this game, one topic keeps leaping out in the conversation: the Alien franchise hasn’t had any good games.

I call bullshit.

These people are being lazy. There’s a ton of Alien(s) games out there, people just aren’t even trying to scratch the surface.

So I approached GamesBeat about running a two part series about the franchise. Listing the bad/odd, but most importantly, listing the good. My editors warned me to not take a deep dive, but honestly, it’s a mother fucking deep dive. Although technically, I had to omit another article worth of games from both parts in order to keep readers interested (deep dives are futile if readers don’t have the patience to take them with you).

So here is part 1. In this session, we cover the games that are bad yet noteworthy, canceled, and the odd-yet-cool. The list cheats in some places and lists competent games that are neither bad, canceled, or odd…but were not good enough to go into part 2.