Long time since I’ve sat behind the Cintiq


Although I haven’t had a ton of GamesBeat output lately, it has taken a lot away from my art side the last few months. The Aliens feature, especially, really took a toll on me. I spent so much of my time and resources researching and playing games for those two articles. What you see on GamesBeat is the edited down and chopped version of the work. There are so many more games and things I had to say that were taken out. All for the reader’s benefit, because let’s be honest, the average person doesn’t want to read 10K words on Alien(s) games.

When the GamesBeat work gets heavy, I wind up totally skipping my art related work. This time, I was pulled away from my drawing board for at least two months. Art is like exercise. You may be ripped as fuck after a couple months of working out at the gym, but if you don’t keep going in and pushing iron — even if you’re not looking to bulk up anymore — your strength starts to get weaker and weaker and your stomach gets fatter and fatter.

Right now, art wise, I’m a lard ass (although in real life, my torso is shaping up like a pregnant male…so I need to start lifting/biking to fix that as well). It’s time to start hitting the art gym again.

I’m posting up one of my quick doodle warm up pages just so my site has a break from article stuff. Like all my sketch work, it isn’t the best or worst of anything. It’s just a thing, period.