Alone in the Dark reinvents itself as a co-op RogueLike

aitd-ill-04-780x439November was a great month for my GamesBeat side gig. I didn’t get a lot of articles published, but it was filled with a ton of productive behind-the-scenes work. Also, what did make it out was pretty solid.

First up is this article on Alone in the Dark: Illumination.

I hate using the preview article cliche of, “this game has promise”…but fuck, it does!

The series desperately needs its Resident Evil IV moment, where it cherry picks things that keep the audience grounded in an “Alone in the Dark” game, but completely changes the experience into something engaging. The RogueLike element in Illumination is going to be the key do-or-die change. If Pure FPS can execute something clever with that portion of the design, they’ll have their gameplay hook that will keep people talking about the series.

If not, well…Atari can shelve Alone in the Dark for another five years then try again.