Balancing isn’t easy: Team Ninja interview part 1

doa5-780x230During the last year or so of leaping back into video game writing, Koei Tecmo has provided some of the more personally interesting behind-the-scenes discussions.

Tom Lee, creative director for Team Ninja, is an especially cool guy to have a conversation with. I last shot-the-shit with him about action design and the game industry while checking out Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (which, unfortunately, I did not turn into an article). This time around we spent a good chunk of time discussing fighting game design and Dead or Alive 5’s battle for relevance in the competitive community. Fortunately, this morphed into a larger, 2-part, 3-way interview with Team Ninja’s Yohei Shimbori and Yosuke Hayashi.

In part one, we discuss how Dead or Alive is doing in the competitive scene, their take on sexual fantasy, and possible future products.