Most influential titles of 2004


The GamesBeat staff got together and created a retrospective on the most influential and noteworthy games of 2004 (of which there were many). This was easily one of the best group article experiences I’ve had to date. Typically there is a lot of debating and egos on the line, but here there was nothing but great incite. I missed the chance to cover San Andreas and Snake Eater, but I did cover Ninja Gaiden, Gradius V, Fight Night 2004, and WarioWare.

Last second addition that did not make it into the article (it didn’t dawn on me until we were beyond the editing deadline): Alien Hominid. It’s not as if there had never been an indie game picked up by a major publisher before 2004, but Alien Hominid was the first one to kick off the next 10 year indie invasion on the mainstream publishing system.

Digital Futurism Part 1 of 2

Digital Futurism Part 1

I took some time out to interview four indie developers on the low-fi 3D art style that is most commonly known as “Tron-like” or “REZ-like”. “Digital Futurism” is a name I came up with that I feel serves the discussion (and I explain why). Part 1 has been published here. Part 2 tomorrow.